Sunday, 19 February 2012

Em Petrova Interview

Hello and welcome to our world Em Petrova. As we live in an enchanted forest and we are magical folk, let us transport you to another world for your interview today. Tell us where you would like to go and why.
*clicks heels* There’s no place like a cruise ship in the middle of the Caribbean!
I – What would you say is the most important thing to consider before starting to write a book? Goal, motivation, and conflict of the characters. Since I write erotic romance, sex is a major part of the plot to consider too. If your characters aren’t together, they aren’t having sex. The sooner you throw them into action, the better the outcome of the book.
M – How do you plot your male characters? Are they based on people you know or your ideal man? Do you have physical or mental pictures of your male characters? My male characters sort of crash-land into my mind when I least expect them to. I can visualize them very clearly and I hope my readers can as well. Each hero must be a fantastic lover, or willing to pump it up, and he must have flaws. A little torture helps too. Everyone loves a tortured hero!
P- Do you like to work in peace and quiet? Or noise?
I have four kids, so I often write in the midst of chaos. When I’m alone, I always have music on.
 F - What do you like to do for fun?
Write! I have the BEST job in the world, don’t you think? I get to spend all day playing with my characters and introducing them to my readers!
A – What has been the most amazing point in your life so far?
Becoming a mother.
I – What is your favourite musical instrument and why?
I play the piano but my daughter plays the violin. I love listening to her, so I’d have to go with that.
R – Do you like reality shows?
I love shows like Project Runway or Top Chef. I did get into the Glee Project with my kids too. But I’m not a Real Housewives of Snookie kind of gal LOL!
Y – What is your favourite memory from your youth or childhood?
Swimming in the Gulf of Mexico and seeing dolphins behind me.

Thank you for your time! I’ve loved answering your questions!
Em Petrova
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Em Petrova lives in backwoods Pennsylvania, where she raises four kids and two feral kittens and pays too damn much for utilities. But seeing her sexy husband tromp out back with a chainsaw in hand is well worth the frustration of living miles from a mall. She adores writing sex scenes and anything paranormal. When she has the opportunity to mix the two, she’s in her element.
You can learn more about her smutty reads at

Outlaws of  Love

Upon traveling west to marry, Annabelle Stephens longed to leave her nickname of Sweetheart Annie and the strict rules of Boston society behind, but the taboo freedom she faces wasn’t exactly what she had in mind. When a sexy outlaw storms into her rented room and kidnaps her, she’s embroiled in a dangerous game with not one man, but two.

Until now Xander Hollis wanted one thing—or maybe two—to stop the Southern Gorge Railroad from stealing the homesteaders’ land, and to act on his desires with his partner in crime James. Like Robin Hoods of the old west, he and James embark on a mission to rob from the rich and give to the poor. When he refuses to let go of the woman who could identify him, he finds he’s in true danger. Danger of losing his heart to the heiress of the very railroad corporation he struggles to bring down.


  1. this is a very nice interview! love it! thanks for sharing with us...

  2. Glad I could join you on the cruise ship. I enjoyed the interview and the blurb for Outlaws Of Love. Hot Cover!!!

  3. One must appreciate someone who believes in cruises. We've been on four and looking forward to our fifth. Love the comments great interview, keep up the fantastic work!