Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Interview with Aubrie Dionne

Hello and welcome to our world Aubrie. As we live in an enchanted forest and we are magical folk, let us transport you to another world for your interview today. Tell us where you would like to go and why. It could be another time or a setting that is special to you. Just say the word and we are there…….
I’d love to go to Rivendale, where the elves in LOTR live. It seems so peaceful and elegant, the perfect place for an interview! 
Now that we are sitting in your special place, we have a few impish questions to ask of you.
B – What was your favourite book from your childhood?
I loved the Secret of the Unicorn Queen Series. I had books 4-6, and I read them over and over again.
O – What is your favourite object on your writing desk?
My notepads and sticky notes. Without them, I’d have to keep everything in my head and I’d go crazy trying to remember all the little details!
O – From a writing point of view, what has been your most memorable occasion?
Probably selling my space opera series to Entangled Publishing. It came up on Publisher’s Marketplace and everything!
K- Of all the kisses you have ever written about, which is your favourite and why? 
I don’t think I can pick a favourite, I love them all so much!
I – What would you say is the most important thing to consider before starting to write a book?
That you have to write the book for yourself and not worry about what others are going to think!
M – How do you plot your male characters? Are they based on people you know or your ideal man? Do you have physical or mental pictures of your male characters?
I definitely try to imagine my favourite actors as the male characters. Otherwise, they would appear all girly like me! I love Michael Fassbender, especially his recent role as Mr. Rochester in Jane Eyre. He could definitely play the lead character in my books any day.

P- Are you a perfectionist when it comes to writing?
Not at all! I read the previous day’s work before I start and fix it up, but then I keep on going.

The Seers

I’m losing her.
Abysme guides the vessel in silence, her blind eyes rolling as she senses our course, two hundred years away from Paradise 18. She’s scattered her thoughts among the stars, and her mind drifts farther from the sister I once knew. I fear the machine has engulfed her individuality. She’s forgotten the meaning of our goal, the oath we took three centuries ago. Most of all, she’s forgotten me, creating an emptiness inside me more profound than the desolation surrounding us.
If I had my arms, I’d reach out to comfort her and usher her back from the black abyss spread before us. As children, I kept her alive through the destruction, signing us up for the Expedition and winning two tickets off Old Earth before it succumbed to hell. But can I save her now?
I send impulses through my brainwaves and into the ship. Bysme, do you hear me?
Unlike her, I have one operating eye and can see the control chamber we hang from. Twisting my head, I search her features. Her skeletal face twitches. She writhes and the wires holding her in place stretch taut. I wonder what I’ve done to us, the shock of our disembodiment jolting me. Every input hole drilled into my skull snakes with activity. The ship surges through me, a vast intranet of information, names, status charts, and infinite trajectories. If I couldn’t feel the cold, regulated air on the remnants of my torso, I’d be lost in the machine too. I remind myself of our mission and the perseverance flows into my veins.
She doesn’t respond and the fear wells up from within me. Can I guide the ship alone? I realize I’ve left her at the helm for too long while I drifted into memories.

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